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Getting Better All the Time

Sure, it's important to do something every day, and, to be honest, that will take you a long way. If you make something everyday, you're doing pretty well. But sometimes, making things is not enough.

That is to say, there's more to making things than just making them, if you want to improve.

I mentioned in How to Get Noticed that speaking up and putting yourself out there is necessary to... get noticed. However, there's a bit more to improvement than just that.

You don't know how well you're doing unless you track how you're doing.

As an example, there's a difference between doing something every day and thinking that you do something every day. I track what I do in a silly (but fun) app called HabitRPG, and based on my tracking, I have definitely missed days making things. I've missed doing a lot of things that I track. But, we're not here to talk about my mistakes (well, maybe in the comments).

Tracking you progress is important for a few different reasons:

  • To show progress (duh), if the thing you're working on can progress. When I was doing NaNoWriMo it was crucial that I see how I'm working towards the end goal of fifty-thousand words. I'll likely have to do something similar writing my technical book
  • To feel good. HabitRPG keeps track of 'streaks', and awards you an achievement when you have a 21-day streak. It feels good to get achievements, but mor importantly, it feels good to say "look how well I'm doing!"

If you're really serious about progressing, definitely consider tracking it. Spreadsheet, webapp, notepad, it doesn't matter. Grab something and start tracking your progress.

Nicholas Terwoord

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