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How to Get Noticed

A recurring theme on this blog is that of careers and the job search... not because I'm constantly looking or anything, but mostly because of my own track record, and how I seem to have accumulated some experience on the matter. Ocassionally, I take people down a notch (unintentionally) or issue imperatives, or even vent or just observe. Most of the time, these posts just end up read by friends and family, which I appreciate, with the ocassional post reaching a lot further.

... that is a lot of self-references...

In any case, I don't have a magic formula for success. I haven't perfected or even begun to master the way to reach out to broader audiences; those are things I have yet to experiment with. But, I do know how to get noticed (to some extent), and I'll share those methods with you today.

They are by no means secret, or the fastest means, but they will work in the long run.

No memes this time folks (sorry).

Do Good Work
No tricks here, just do good work. Whatever that work is: be it a blog, or a comic, or a novel. Work at it, make it the best you can, make a lot of mistakes; just keep working on whatever it is until you have good work. Keep at it!

Speak up
Let people know about what you've done! You don't need to brag, but share what you've created. Expose your work to the world, and bear the criticisms; take the praise, and whatever else comes.

Why do I bring this up? Earlier this week, I was approached about writing a book. A technical book mind you, but a book nonetheless.

So what?

I'm certainly capable of writing a book, but the fact of the matter is that someone reached out to me; someone approached me about writing a book as a result of my stackoverflow account.

Someone noticed me. Of no particular action or promotion of my own.

And that's what I mean. I do good work on Stackoverflow and elsewhere, and even though I don't say much about it, that work is there: it exists; it is out for the world to see. I have spoken up, to some extent.

And that's all it takes anyone to be noticed. Just those two simple things. They are by no means the fastest or only ways, but they do work.

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