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Running Out of Ink

I might have mentioned that you should do something every day. Lately, I haven't been the best example of this, but its a goal I strive for nonetheless. However, there comes a time when you just run out of steam; the ink pot is dry, for the time being.

Now, under the circumstances, you might reflect back on past entries of mine, tell me that I'm full of something (hint: it's brown and sticky!), and that I should stuff it and get back to work. To that I would say, "Sorry mister boss man! It won't happen again, honest!"

Ha ha ha ha ha.


I do seem to put an emphasis on getting things done, but there are times when you get worn out, or just tired of doing something, perhaps even bored with it. You might run out of ideas for your blog, for example, because you can't think of anything else job-related to talk about, and you aren't looking so you don't really have anything to add.


When you've "run out of ink", so to speak, consider the following:


Why are you working yourself so hard? Why are you bored? Why are you sick of whatever it is that you're doing?

Is it because the thing you're working on is hard? Is it supposed to be hard? (If so... tough?)

Maybe you're working on the wrong things; things that don't really matter to you. Things that you feel obligated to do but you really don't need to do. Maybe you've made commitments you really don't need.

Think about why you're doing what you're doing; you might learn that you really shouldn't be doing it. Alternatively, you might rekindle why it is that you enjoy doing what you're doing.

I'm writing this blog mostly for myself (though, if it became super popular for whatever reason...), so I don't mind getting hung up on the topic every once in a while.

Try something else

When I was younger, I played a little gem called Blast Corps where the objective of most levels was to destroy everything in the path of a giant nuclear truck. The truck, of course, would drive ever so slowly forward into buildings and whatnot, and the slightest touch would trigger a detonation. Anytime you were doing something stupid in the game (like trying to get out of a vehicle with no way to get out), it would tell you to try something else.

So, if you're doing something stupid, like going around in circles trying to get back into something, try something else

Move on!

Take a break

Uh-Duuuuuhhhh. Don't beat yourself up.

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Just keep going

Didn't I just suggest taking a break? Well, yeah, but different strategies work at different times. I want to post a blog entry every week, so, I can't really take a break if I want to accomplish that (see thinking about why you're doing what you're doing above).

Often times, getting something started is difficult, but continuing is easy. If you're doing something like writing, you can often get unstuck by just writing something, even if it is the wrong things. Or, as I did for NaNoWriMo just sit down and do something for some time period.


If you've ever run out of ink, just try one of the above. The strategy you pick might not necessarily give stellar results, but often times you just need a push in the right direction rather than perfection.

Nicholas Terwoord

A self-titled software developer, "code archaeologist" (whatever that means), and professional geek. Spends too much of his time coming up with new projects, and not enough time working on them. Likes video games, board games, anime, manga, and Pathfinder / Dungeons and Dragons (GOTO: Line #1 - Geek).