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Uprooted and in California

I'd like to think that I'm not shaken easily. I'd like to think that I adapt when the time comes. I'm a tech-savvy person, and in my field it is necessary to adapt and change. That was what I had thought before recently, of course. I was uprooted, to say the least, over the past weekend. My co-workers and I went on a lengthy trek from my home of Kitchener, Ontario all the way to the sunny hills of San Francisco, California.

I say uprooted because it is an upheaval for me. For the past eight years, I've resided in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, and haven't really had a reason to leave. Occasionally, I would make my way as far east as Toronto, or as far north as Sudbury, but never very far from home, not for long at least. I'm not fond of moving, and I don't particularly like leaving my circle of friends. It's upsetting for me. Moving down to California, even for a short span of two months is difficult. I feel like an outsider, a foreigner, because I am, of course. But it isn't just that, it's the odd sense of familiarity, the sense that everything is slightly different. I've been plucked up from a big town and dropped into a big city where everything is different enough to perturb me.

California is nice, but as I said, its hard to shake the similarities. From my current location, it's about the same temperature as home, albeit the temperature here will be like this year round, and will be much, much more sunny with less rain. From what I understand, the San Francisco bay area is the sixth largest metropolitan area in North America, and Toronto is approximately the same size, which adds to the similarity. Of course, the bit that really makes it seem so strange is that despite being a foreigner, it isn't all that different. Americans and Canadians are remarkably similar, at a glance, in this neck of the woods.

I imagine that most of my being off-put were the hard times at the border and airport that unsettled me, and the general lack of knowledge of the area. It doesn't help that I'm not fond of large cities: I can manage Toronto only because I've visited so often. In any case, I'm here. I'll try to keep up the pace, but my living situation is unusual to say the least, which may cause other difficulties.

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