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The Other Side of the Table - Part 2

After sitting on the other side of the table, I've got to say that it's hard. For both sides really. Power is definitely shifted to one side of the equation (the employer), and it's really hard to assess people in such a short time span, especially considering some people just don't interview well. You could assess over a longer period, but people don't want their time tied up either.

In any case, it was interesting. For the most part, I just added little bits to the conversation, with my co-worker doing most of the talking. It's not as though I couldn't have done more of a part, I'm just not as familiar with things.

First of all, when we were interviewing candidates, I was glad to see how smart and enthusiastic everyone was. It was surprising how much people were interested in our company, especially considering how little we post on our website.

Anyway, I guess I don't have that much insight from the other side of the table. I do, however, have a few funny stories.

  • Early in the day, one of the candidates was talking about what he was passionate about and brought up teaching, and how he had started a club to teach first year students about mobile development. For whatever reason, my co-worker could not believe this, and so he said something to the extent of "Come on, you're doing it for the ladies, right?". To which he responded, "No, but my friend is! He's always there with his ukelele." That would not have been as funny except that later in the day, one of the candidates came in and started talking about a club he started with a friend...

  • ...which was also interesting because that same person was asked "So what hobbies do you have, aside from fabulous amounts of drinking?" He had no idea what we were talking about until he looked down at his shirt talking about some pubcrawl.

  • The same candidate started with "Alright, before we get started, let me tell you a little about my background. Back in grade six..."

  • And of course, there was one candidate where we had a conversation that went like this:

Co-worker: What are you passionate about?

Candidate: Web Development.

Co-worker: That's it? Booze? Women?

Candidate: ...Theatre

Fun times. I imagine things could be quite different when hiring on full-time staff.

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